How to Last Longer in Bed and Cure Premature Ejaculation

Lasting longer in bed is one of the main desires of men. This goal is not that hard and can be achieved in many different ways. There are certain techniques that will help men overcome this problem, as well as medication and alternative medicine remedies. With so many options, it will be very easy to forget about premature ejaculation. Men only have to decide which type of treatment will be used.

In order to find the best solution, men have to find out first what is causing the problem. In the majority of the cases, psychological anxiety and a certain pressure are the main factors that lead to premature ejaculation. The lack of self-confidence is also to blame for poor sexual performances. If such is the case, then it is recommended to make the woman’s orgasm a priority, rather than the one of man. Changing the focus will surely help men to perform better and to achieve their goal.  

Medication might also be one of the possible answers to how to last longer in bed. Besides Viagra, which is already popular for its properties, Prozac seems to provide the expected results, too. Studies show that 73 percent of men with premature ejaculation got rid of this problem after taking 20mg of Prozac daily for 7 days, followed by 40mg daily after that. This medication is primarily recommended to people who suffer from depression and panic disorder, and as these are sometimes causing premature ejaculation, Prozac will help treat the problem.

Men who want to know how to last longer in bed must also learn the sexual positions that will promote this. The penis is less stimulated and the sexual intercourse lasts longer if the woman is on top. Wild sex may not be indicated for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, as fast thrusting leads exactly to this problem. Instead, women should go slowly, so that men do not experience that discomfort.

Workout has made men stronger and when it comes to premature ejaculation, there is no exception. Men have to learn how to control certain muscles so that they delay ejaculation. The same muscles are used when cutting off the flow of urine, so performing these exercises while emptying the bladder is the best thing to do. Kegel, as this exercise is called, can be performed anywhere afterward. This will certainly help men to master their ejaculation and will teach them how to last longer in bed.